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Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer

If you have been involved in a cruise ship accident, whether it was a minor slip or a life-changing injury, Mincone Law Group is here to provide the legal support and representation you need.

While insurance companies may try to offer quick settlements to expedite the process, it is crucial to consult with a dedicated lawyer to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation you deserve while safeguarding your rights against the manipulative tactics employed by these companies.

Even if fault is shared, you still have the right to pursue compensation, and our experienced team of attorneys will guide you through the often daunting legal process, assuring you that there is light at the end of the discouraging tunnel.

Have you or a loved one suffered any of the following injuries while on a cruise ship? Our compassionate and knowledgeable attorneys have extensive experience in handling a wide range of cruise ship accident cases, including:

Injuries a Cruise Ship Accident Attorney Can Help With:


Drowning: Drowning incidents aboard cruise ships can have tragic consequences, leading to the loss of life and devastating impacts on the victim’s family and loved ones. When a drowning occurs on a cruise ship, determining legal liability can be a complex matter.

Cruise ship companies have a legal duty to ensure the safety of their passengers, including implementing appropriate measures to prevent drownings and promptly responding to emergencies.

In cases of cruise ship drownings, several factors may contribute to the incident, such as inadequate supervision, insufficient safety precautions, improper maintenance of pools and water facilities, or even the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Establishing legal liability requires a thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding the incident, including reviewing surveillance footage, witness statements, and analyzing the cruise ship’s safety protocols.

It is essential to consult with an experienced cruise ship accident lawyer who specializes in maritime law to navigate the intricate legal aspects of a drowning case.

They can help determine the responsible parties and seek compensation on behalf of the victim’s family for their pain and suffering, medical expenses, funeral costs, and other related damages.

Spine Injuries: Back and spinal cord injuries can have a profound impact on your quality of life, requiring extensive medical treatment, rehabilitation, and ongoing care. Our legal team understands the complexities of such injuries and will fight tirelessly to secure the compensation you deserve for your physical, emotional, and financial losses. 

Neck Injuries: Whether it’s whiplash, a herniated disc, or other neck-related injuries, we have the expertise to navigate your claim and pursue justice on your behalf. Our goal is to ensure that you receive fair compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, and any other damages resulting from the accident.

Broken Bones: Fractures and broken bones can result in significant pain, limited mobility, and the need for surgical intervention or long-term medical care. We are dedicated to helping you obtain the financial resources necessary to cover your medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages resulting from the accident.

Concussions: Head injuries, including concussions, can have long-lasting effects on your health and well-being. Our attorneys will advocate for your rights and work tirelessly to ensure that you receive appropriate compensation for your medical treatment, rehabilitation, and any other damages arising from the accident.

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI): Severe head injuries can lead to traumatic brain injuries with profound physical, cognitive, and emotional consequences. Our legal team is committed to seeking justice and fair compensation for the challenges you face, including ongoing medical treatment, rehabilitation, and support services.

Amputations: Losing a limb due to a cruise ship accident can be a devastating and life-altering experience. We will strive to hold the responsible parties accountable and secure the compensation you need for rehabilitation, prosthetics, ongoing care, and the emotional toll of such a significant loss.

Catastrophic Injuries: Severe injuries, such as spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, or multiple fractures, fall under the category of catastrophic injuries. Our knowledgeable attorneys will fight vigorously to protect your rights and pursue the compensation necessary to address the immense impact of these injuries on your life and well-being.

Eye Injuries: Eye injuries can result in vision impairment or even blindness, drastically affecting your quality of life. We will work diligently to obtain the compensation you deserve for your medical treatment, vision rehabilitation, and any other damages resulting from the accident.

Soft Tissue Damage: Soft tissue injuries, such as sprains, strains, and tears, can cause significant pain and discomfort, often requiring ongoing medical care and rehabilitation. Our legal team will ensure that your claim reflects the full extent of your injuries and the resulting damages, advocating for fair compensation on your behalf.

Bruising, Lacerations, and Burns: Cruise ship accidents can lead to various forms of physical harm, including bruises, lacerations, and burns. We understand the pain and suffering you have endured, and we will vigorously pursue compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, and any necessary cosmetic procedures to aid in your recovery.

Paralysis: Spinal cord injuries or other catastrophic events on a cruise ship can result in paralysis, severely impacting your mobility, independence, and quality of life. Our compassionate attorneys understand the challenges you face and will tirelessly advocate for your rights, seeking the financial security you need to cover your ongoing medical care, rehabilitation, and support services.

Wrongful Death: Tragically, some cruise ship accidents result in the loss of a loved one. In such heartbreaking circumstances, our attorneys offer compassionate support and will pursue a wrongful death claim on behalf of your family to seek justice, closure, and financial relief for your loss.

At cruise law group, we are committed to fighting for justice and fair compensation for victims of cruise ship accidents. Our experienced team of attorneys will diligently investigate the circumstances surrounding your case, gather evidence, and build a strong claim on your behalf. We will negotiate with insurance companies, handle the legal complexities, and, if necessary, pursue litigation to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation available under the law.

If you have been involved in a cruise ship accident, don’t hesitate to seek legal representation. Contact The Mincone Law Group today for a consultation. Our dedicated cruise ship accident Attorney will assess your case, provide expert legal advice, and guide you through the process of seeking the justice and fair compensation you deserve for your physical, emotional, and financial losses.

What Should I Do Now?

After any vehicle accident, it is crucial to prioritize your safety and well-being. The first step is to assess yourself and others involved in the accident for any injuries. If there are injuries that require immediate medical attention, contact emergency services such as 911 right away. 

It is equally imperative to contact a cruise ship accident lawyer at Mincone Law Group promptly. Time is of the essence when it comes to preserving evidence and building a strong case. By reaching out to our experienced team, you can ensure that your rights are protected, and you receive the legal guidance you need.

Contact Mincone Law Group today to schedule a free consultation. Our skilled attorneys will evaluate your case, provide expert advice, and guide you through the process of seeking justice and fair compensation.

Don’t delay, as early intervention can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case!

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